OCTOBER 16-18, 2019



October 16-18, 2019 | Boston, MA

Sunetra Bane

User Experience Strategist
Partners HealthCare Connected Health
I have a Masters in Public Health from Boston University, and 4+ years of experience in digital health and innovation at Partners Healthcare. With a background in global public health, I bring a systems-oriented and collaborative approach to all my work. I've lead both qualitative and quantitative user research on 20+ projects, interviewing over 200 patients and clinicians for their unmet needs and conducted over 250 hours of observations in clinical settings, towards designing and validating need-based digital solutions. I've also contributed to the research, design and development of digital products for users with mood and substance use disorders, pain management, atrial fibrillation, post-stroke depression, infection control, intensive care units and Type 2 diabetes. An ever-growing part of my role now involves leading and facilitating creative problem-solving workshops for clinicians, population health staff and management teams in health centers. I have facilitated over 15 workshops, bringing a human-centered and fun approach to teach new approaches to solve old problems. I have co-published articles on my work here in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: Human Factors, and Iproceedings, and posters at the Connected Health Conference in 2016, 2017, and 2018. I'm passionate about designing better patient experiences in and out of the hospital, using creative new research and story-telling methods to create buy-in and excitement amongst stakeholders and decision-makers. I value advocating for patients and clinicians and their needs in product and service design, representing the often under-represented voices in the development of new solutions and systems. I'm excited about guiding clinicians and healthcare staff through creative problem-solving, to equip them with the creative agency and resilience to keep fighting for what matters in healthcare.

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