OCTOBER 16-18, 2019



October 16-18, 2019 | Boston, MA

Design Case 2: Patient Onboarding & Consent for Clinical Study: Improving the Patient Clinical Trial Experience thru the lens of Data Visualization and AI (A Workshop)

October 16, 2019
10:25am - 11:10am
Cityview 1/2

Activating and maintaining patient engagement in their health is an industry-wide challenge. Many times it is the initial experience patients have with their care teams that set the tone and expectations for their engagement.

In clinical trials, the challenge is further complicated by the lengthy process and complexity that extend into the study design and recruitment criteria, and can affect the retention of the patient participants throughout the clinical trial. 

When patient participants withdraw from a study prematurely or are "Lost to Follow Up", their incomplete study data may not be usable; this can affect the quality of the study and could even cause costly delays to approval.

In this workshop, together we will walk through some typical scenarios of patients as they are recruited and enrolled in clinical trials, and some common reasons why patient participants may not complete a clinical trial to the end.

Whether you are familiar with Design Thinking methods or you're just learning about them, you'll leave with tools and frameworks to help you understand the needs that patients and their care teams have while they are navigating clinical trials. We will guide discussion to surface AI opportunities to mitigate risks through mapping out the patient and care team's experience.

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