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Boston, MA
Oct. 17-19, 2018

Dr. Joseph C. Kvedar

Vice President, Connected Health
Partners HealthCare


Long before the internet, health and wellness trackers, apps, sensors or smartphones even existed, Joe Kvedar was creating a new model of health care delivery, moving care from the hospital or doctor’s office into the day-to-day lives of patients. He is the author of two books on the subject: The New Mobile Age: How Technology Will Extend the Healthspan and Optimize the Lifespan (2017) and The Internet of Healthy Things (2015).

Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Vice President, Connected Health, Partners HealthCare, is leveraging personal health technologies to improve care delivery and help providers and patients better manage chronic conditions, maintain health and wellness and improve adherence, engagement and clinical outcomes. Under Dr. Kvedar’s more than two decades of leadership, Partners Connected Health has launched a number of innovative health tracking programs, mobile health, virtual care initiatives and clinical research programs for the more than 1.5 million patients served at Partners HealthCare-affiliated hospitals. Partners HealthCare was founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, and includes community and specialty hospitals, community health centers, home care and other health-related entities. 


Dr. Kvedar serves as Program Chair for the Connected Health Conference, an industry defining event co-hosted by Partners Connected Health and the HIMSS Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance).  He is also a member of the PCHAlliance Board of Managers.


He is internationally recognized for his leadership and vision in the field of connected health, and has authored over 1,000 publications on the subject; he currently serves on the Editorial Board of npj Digital Medicine, a Nature Research journal. The popular cHealth Blog provides his insights and vision for connected health. Dr. Kvedar serves as a strategic advisor at Flare Capital Partners, Wave Edge Capital, PureTech Ventures and Qualcomm Life, providing guidance and insight to these companies. Dr. Kvedar is also a member of the board of b.well Connected Health. He is co-chair of the American Medical Association's Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group; he is also a member of the Board of Xcertia, a collaboration between AHA, AMA, DHX Group and HIMSS dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of mobile health applications (apps). Dr. Kvedar is also a professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School.


Based on the technology platform developed at Partners Connected Health, a personalized health technology company was launched and later acquired by a leading insurance company to support its program encouraging healthy behavior and wellness education among employee populations. In 2013, Dr. Kvedar launched Wellocracy, a leading source of impartial, easy-to-understand information on new personal “self-health” technologies like activity trackers, wireless devices and mobile apps to empower people to get and stay healthy.


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