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October 17-19, 2018 | Boston, MA

GEC Catalyst Awards: Technologies That Increase Health & Wellness

Technology is increasingly essential in the delivery of affordable and innovative healthcare services.  Doctors are more likely to be capturing patient data on laptops and tablets than paper; patient health records are securely accessible online; and lab results, treatment data and appointment reminders are frequently available via our smartphones. Wellness applications and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products are empowering patients to take more control of their treatment and making it easier for doctors to engage with and their monitor progress.

With technology becoming a cornerstone of effective healthcare delivery, events like the Connected Health Conference become important avenues for all those involved in healthcare services to understand what technology is available now, what is forthcoming, and how the healthcare sector will evolve as a result. We’re honored that the GEC Catalyst Awards, with their focus on innovation and impact at scale, are part of the 2018 Connected Health Conference program.

The Green Electronics Council is a global non-profit with a mission to increase the design, manufacture and use of sustainable technology around the world. We recognize that technology is essential to providing affordable and effective healthcare services. Our Catalyst Awards seek to recognize and inspire innovation in the design or use of Information Technology (IT), and this year we focused on the role of technology in increasing human wellness.

We provide two Catalyst Awards each year. The “Catalyzing Impact at Scale” award recognizes organizations that have achieved a large-scale sustainability impact due to their design, manufacture and/or use of IT. The “Catalyzing Disruptive Innovation” award recognizes organizations that have designed cutting-edge technologies or used technology in such a way that it could lead to exponential sustainability gains. The Catalyst Awards are competitive, and the decision about who wins each award is made by an independent Judging Committee with members who both understand technology and each year’s specific focus area.

In prior years, the Catalyst Awards have recognized technology’s role in making supply chains more sustainable, in reducing the reliance on natural resources and on being able to get closer to the concept of a “closed loop.” In 2019, the Catalyst Awards will focus on the role of technology in making cities smarter, resilient and more responsive to citizens’ needs. If you are interested in how technology can make our world a better place, we invite you to view prior Catalyst Award winners.

The eight Finalists for the 2018 Catalyst Awards have been recognized for their use of technology to measurably increase the health and wellness of individuals. The Finalists cover a broad spectrum:

  • American TelePhysicians’ SHIFA4U digital healthcare marketplace that helps patients access and shop for care at transparent prices
  • Annum Health’s mobile solution for treating excessive substance abuse
  • Baswen’s IoT-enabled device that tracks and reports medication history
  • HP Inc.’s work with the WONDER Project to reduce maternal mortality
  • UN World Food Programme’s humanitarian booking hub for aid workers
  • Wellsmith’s platform providing disease-management assistance between doctor visits
  • The World Health Organization’s and International Telecommunication Union’s joint mobile initiative to share information about non-communicable diseases
  • Xealth’s scalable digital-content and service solution that integrates with EHR workflows

We invite you to read more about this year’s finalists and consider how their innovations can inspire your own use of technology in improving individual health and well-being. We also invite you to join GEC and the PCHAlliance for the 2018 GEC Catalyst Awards ceremony taking place 11:30am – 11:50am on Friday, October 19th on the Innovation Stage at the Connected Health Conference. Be there as the two 2018 Catalyst Award winners are announced!


Nancy Gillis is the CEO of the Green Electronics Council.

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