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October 17-19, 2018 | Boston, MA

Cantina Named Digital Design and Development Partner for 2018 Connected Health Conference

Balancing Technology and the Human Element - October 17-19, Boston, MA

ARLINGTON, VA and BOSTON, MA (September 12, 2018) -- The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) announced today that Cantina Consulting has joined the 2018 Connected Health Conference as its digital design and development partner. The focus of the partnership is to help organizations continue implementing technology in ways that amplify healthcare and promote a personal approach to health.

Cantina will host a workshop for conference attendees, Prototyping Connected Devices & Experiences, which will outline methods best suited for designing connected health products, and creating a design prototype from concept to execution. Cantina's Chief Innovation Officer, George White, will also moderate a panel discussion, What it Really Takes to Build a Connected Health Solution: Separating Myth from Reality.

“More and more health companies are looking to create products that improve the patient experience by embedding technology to help educate and instruct,” said PCHAlliance Vice President Richard Scarfo. “We are excited to partner with Cantina to help our attendees embrace new technologies like AI, big data and virtual reality, to put patients at the center of the experience.”

There is a real need for human-centered design when building connected health products, and Cantina’s experience in digital design and development, with a focus on user experience, will bring this important element to the Connected Health Conference.

“I’m excited to collaborate with the Connected Health Conference and share the real journey it takes to build products customers will love,” said White. “I hope people walk away with heuristic best practices they can apply to their next product.”  

“These are not issues unique to the healthcare industry,” White said of bringing connected products and devices to market. “However by streamlining processes and improving quality of care through utilizing technology, we see a huge opportunity for connected devices to have a monumental impact on efficiency from both a healthcare professional and patient perspective.”


About the Connected Health Conference

PCHAlliance has created an unmatched leadership event, bringing together the industry's two leading events -- the Connected Health Conference (formerly the mHealth Summit) and the Partners Connected Health Symposium. This year's theme, Balancing Technology and the Human Element, will showcase forward-thinking approaches and technologies that are driving integration of connected health into consumer health and care delivery. The 10th annual Connected Health Conference will take place October 17-19 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

GENERAL REGISTRATION:  Please visit the Connected Health Conference website for details and easy online registration.

MEDIA REGISTRATION:  Please contact Gina Cella at 857-239-9198 or Media can register online at the Conference website.


About Cantina

Cantina is a strategic design and technology agency headquartered in Boston, MA. Its mission is to help organizations accelerate innovation, growth, and ability to deliver digital products and services that seamlessly integrate into work and life. Fortune 500 companies and fast-growth startups turn to us to help them define strategies, create human-centered designs, and build products customers love.


About Personal Connected Health Alliance

The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance), a HIMSS innovation company, is focused on advancing digital health solutions to achieve better health, wellness and care delivery,  accelerating technical, business, policy and social strategies necessary to advance personal connected health.


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