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October 17-19, 2018 | Boston, MA

Back Up Your Youngest, Healthiest, Stem Cells for Future Possibilities

Two types of stem cells offer unique windows of therapeutic opportunity when treating disease: blood stem cells, which are a common part of treating bloodborne diseases today, and in the future, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which could provide therapies for many diseases that affect many organs in the body.


A person’s blood-forming stem cells will never be as capable of treating bloodborne illnesses as they are today. Stem cells age and as they do, become less capable of doing their job.  In addition, hundreds of clinical trials around the world are starting to show some benefits from therapies using other adult stem cells. Those stem cells, like blood stem cells, are specific for each tissue type of the body. But those cells are often too specific in making one cell type and not the variety of cells needed for some therapies. That could be overcome using iPS cells.


The potential to generate genetically stable iPS cells resides in an individual’s blood whereby mature adult cells can be “reprogrammed” to iPS cells with the potential to make any cell type in the human body. As such, these iPS cells have the potential to treat a variety of diseases. Equivalent to blood stem cells, the mature adult cells in blood accumulate damage over time and as such do not “reprogram” as well as younger ones. Therapeutic cell types derived from these iPS cells are in the early stages of being evaluated in the clinic, with some noted success, for example treatment in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.


With less than three tablespoons of blood, drawn by a certified phlebotomist in an individual's home or office, GoodCell helps backup stem cells (along with other cell types from blood), DNA and blood plasma. Alongside the preservation of young, less damaged stem cells, the preservation of an individual’s DNA and blood plasma affords a unique opportunity to benchmark biological information that is important to monitor changes in health over time.  The value of each component that is stored will grow over time alongside the rapid advancement of biomedical science - consider it as "biological life insurance". The company keeps each patient informed when those science advances increase the value of your biological insurance.



Learn more about GoodCell in the Startup Showcase at the 2018 Connected Health Conference.


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