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October 17-19, 2018 | Boston, MA

Insights from Our Program Chair

Insights from Our CHC18 Program Chair

We repeatedly hear from our colleagues, conference attendees and stakeholders in the market that what's really needed is an understanding of and strategy for bridging the gap between technology and the healthcare providers, patients and consumers who can benefit from connected health. Without question, it's time to apply technology to create one-to-many care delivery models, rather than the more traditional one-to-one model that is already overburdened.

So our theme for the 2018 Connected Health Conference is Balancing Technology and the Human Element. Today, most healthcare providers gather data, synthesize/conclude, and formulate a plan.  Machines can already do that sort of repetitive work better than people, but we persist in trying to outperform computers.  At the same time, we’ve lost our way on the human side of care delivery -- the elements that rely on those emotional intelligence traits that only humans possess, including caring, judgment and attention to quality.

Building on that concept, our CHC18 program will explore emerging technologies on the cusp of revolutionizing health and wellness; critical design strategies to ensure engagement, motivation and efficiencies; opportunities for implementation throughout the care continuum; and policies and practices that will drive disruption.

CHC18 will deliver very tangible information, best practices and inspiration that will help move the market. Here's a sample of what you can expect:

Healthcare professionals will better understand opportunities to outsource routine tasks to machines, gain the confidence to do so, and appreciate the value of caring and human connection, judgment and attention to quality -- characteristics that can only be delivered by a trained and experienced provider.

Tech developers will find solutions to integrate tech into personal, human care delivery, that will not only improve the consumer experience, but require fewer interactions with humans throughout the care journey.

Consumers will be encouraged to, seek out healthcare providers that integrate technology in their services in a way that is pleasing and compatible with their personal needs and goals.

We already have the technology -- from wearables to artificial intelligence, digital therapeutics and virtual reality. Now, our challenge is to leverage these emerging technologies and effectively design and integrate these technologies into the future of health and wellness.

Dr. Joe Kvedar

Dr. Kvedar is Vice President, Connected Health, Partners HealthCare, and CHC18 Program Chair.  


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