CONNECTED HEALTH CONFERENCE • Boston, MA • October 25-27, 2017

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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

Top Reasons To Attend

Admittedly, there are many ways to describe the industry — connected health, healthtech, digital health, ehealth, mhealth, telehealth, telemedicine, health IT, etc. No matter how you think of it, CHC will deliver a unique opportunity to come together and immerse yourself in the space - in cutting-edge Boston

CHC looks at the field of connected health through the lens of the future, showing how trends and market dynamics today are shaping a new era in human health, across industries. Join 2,000 leaders in the field, to examine and advance personal health innovations from all angles:

Why attend if you’re a provider?

  • Whether you’re a clinician or digital innovation leader, your patient is your #1 focus.
  • Dive deep on medical adherence; patient engagement; patient, customer and provider experience; and the cross section of technology, medicine, and research; and personalization of care, from home to hospital.
  • Learn how to leverage technology to tap into the continuum of care.

Why attend if you’re a business leader?

  • Like providers, you’re committed to upleveling patient experiences (see above). And you’re building out the technologies to do so, to enable providers and patients in cost-effective ways.
  • Take advantage of being  at the cutting edge of connected health, bring your company closer to patients, connect with providers, and drive personalization of care delivery.
  • Galen Growth has estimated that venture funding in healthtech start-ups was over $5B last year. Uncover the latest innovations and breakthroughs.

Why attend if you’re in research?

  • You want to demonstrate  your cutting-edge knowledge on health tech of tomorrow and uplevel your publishing content.
  • Learn from the consumer tech spearheads, far removed from academia.
  • Tap into networking opportunities to engage with providers, technologists, fellow researchers, and thought leaders. 

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