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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

Unpacking the Increasingly Commercialized Future of Healthcare

More and more, digital tools and consumer-grade products are revolutionizing and improving access to healthcare. The general consensus from patients concludes that they wanted to "shop" for care the same way they would a new vehicle. Information is readily available, and technology makes it easier than ever before for patients and health professionals to communicate effectively.

The relationship between patients and their healthcare professionals is slowly changing, in a way in which many would argue is for the better. 78% of patients using wearable devices feel it is useful for their doctors to have access to that information. From the physician side, 67% have noticed a change in conversations with patients since portals, health apps and wearable devices have become mainstream.

Behavior change programs are being turned into products, altering the way we deal with diseases. Advances in technology--combined with consumers’ increasing desire to be engaged in their health and connected with their has created a wave of possibility for the healthcare sector. Research shows that more than 60% of surveyed patients have a willingness to adopt new, non-traditional ways of seeking medical attention.

However, this exciting new era also inevitably led to questions about how to strike a balance between effective regulation and adaptability, or how existing systems can overlap to achieve better outcomes for patients.

In the world of online pharmacies, how do we ensure the same evidence-based approach that we've come to expect in a traditional system?

Where is the line between usage of technology and the need to access a more robust system? While it's incredible what can be accomplished in diagnosing via a photo from a phone, when does it become more beneficial for the patient to go see a specialist?

The knowledge of GPs and specialists is still extremely valuable, and finding new ways to transform their expertise into a service will be a powerful step in succeeding in the commercialization of healthcare. While there are many challenges to face and obstacles to tackle, we are truly facing the arrival of an unprecedented and exciting time in healthcare.


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