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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

Twitter Chat: Virtual Reality in Healthcare – An Untapped Resource?

Virtual reality was initially considered an expensive toy rather than a tool that might have an impact on health. But VR is beginning to be applied to several types of medical issues including pain and anxiety. It could even be one solution to the opioid crisis. Broader applications are being tested now and some even talk about having a “VR pharmacy” in hospitals and clinics. As with any new treatment understanding the effectiveness and safety of VR as it will soon move into a mainstream treatment option.

We are glad to have two experts in VR host a twitter chat on the topic – Dr. Brennen Spiegel (@BrennanSpiegel), Director, Health Services Research in Academic Affairs and Clinical Transformation at Cedars Sinai and Amanda Greene (@LALupusLady), a passionate advocate for Lupus and a VR user. 

Below are the topics we will discuss during the chat:

T1: How is VR used in healthcare now? How will VR be used in the near future? #Connect2Health

T2:  Are there patients who can benefit more than others in VR treatment? #Connect2Health

T3: What are potential effects of at-home VR treatment & what safety measures need to be built in? #Connect2Health

T4: How does VR work to treat pain? #Connect2Health

T5: What are the issues preventing VR from becoming a mainstream tool? #Connect2Health

Join us on September 26 at Noon EST, 11 am CST to chat about VR using #Connect2Health.

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