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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

Three Ways Connected Care Will Help Us Live Healthier, Happier and Longer Lives

Stuart McGuigan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Connected experiences have become an everyday part of people's lives. We’ve grown accustomed to using our mobile phones to do nearly everything – from casting Netflix to the TV to purchasing our morning coffee to controlling the lights in our house. And now, this connectivity is spreading beyond our phones into the things we wear, the cars we drive, and the appliances in our homes.

The Connected Health Conference is a unique opportunity to explore the implications this ubiquitous connectivity will have on healthcare. And those implications are huge. When we get this right, billions of people will live healthier, happier and longer lives.

There are many ways this will happen. During my keynote session, I’ll explore these in more detail. Here I want to focus on three ways connected experiences will change the way healthcare is delivered:

  1. They’ll empower patients to play a greater role in managing their health
  2. They’ll create efficiencies for health systems
  3. And they’ll generate data-driven feedback loops to continually improve points 1 and 2

The ability for patients to play a greater role in managing their own health is one important advantage of connected technology. In many instances, content on Google, Facebook and YouTube is already standing in for consultations with doctors. A few years ago, a patient would first reach out to their care provider – now, they may take their health into their own hands by turning to their mobile phone and searching for answers. Patients can also find community answers to questions and meaningful support through social networks, such as PatientsLikeMe.

On the provider side, health systems continue to face pressure to improve patient outcomes and create efficiencies. However, connected health capabilities can help increase and improve the exchange of information between patients and providers to drive better health outcomes and more effective management of patient care. The data available in EMRs/EHRs is massive. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will connect and comb through these data and offer never-before-seen insights at scale.

With digitization of all parts of the industry -- the explosion of wearables being a prime example – we are generating more data points along the entire continuum of care. This presents an opportunity for us to further empower patients to effectively manage their own health, and enable doctors to provide better care, while creating efficiencies for their health systems.

To address this, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions has created Health Partner, a connected health experience that brings the science of behavior change together with technology to support patients, providers and health systems. It helps prepare patients mentally, emotionally and physically for surgery. Health Partner consists of three connected tools: a website, a patient mobile app and a provider care portal.

At Johnson & Johnson, we take a care-centered approach to the design and development of technology. We know healthcare is personal, so Health Partner was designed with the patient at the center. The connection between the patient mobile app and care provider portal has the potential to both strengthen patient-provider relationships and enable new levels of data capture and analysis throughout the patient’s entire healthcare journey.

Through advanced analytics coupled with deep clinical experience, the insights generated from these data will help providers personalize patient care like never before based on changing patient needs and behaviors over time – allowing Health Partner to learn, grow, adapt and connect with patients and providers in a way that you would expect from a true “partner.”

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