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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

How will AI be integrated into Medicine of the Future?

Artificial Intelligence can be a scary concept, especially when applied to medicine. Will it replace doctors? Will it give me the wrong advice? Who is in change anyway?  Currently, AI in medicine is at an early stage. Some are talking about AI in terms of Augmented Intelligence, meaning it will extend human intelligence, such as, advanced clinical decision support, rather than replace human decision making in medicine. 

How does AI fit with personal connected health? New devices using voice recognition have AI behind the scenes to understand your requests. Personalized health apps take your data and based on your profile can send you advice on how to improve your activity and health via text messaging. Remote health monitoring devices send your data to a secure cloud algorithm which interprets your risk of having a heart attack or other serious event.

What to learn more about AI in the workplace? Join the panel at the Connected Health Conference moderated by the Harvard Biomedical Informatics professor, Isaac Kohane, MD (@zakkohane).

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