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2017 Connected Health Conference

October 25-27, 2017 | Boston, MA

4 Ways mHealth Can Improve Mental Healthcare by Connecting Patients, Clinicians and Care Givers During the Treatment of Affective Disorders

mHealth solutions are a fantastic way to utilize technology to strengthen the connection and communication between patients and clinicians.


Monsenso is working to assist healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals in coping with and overcoming the burden of mental illness, by developing complete and effective solutions that fit seamlessly within the lives of individuals, to increase the quality and efficacy of their treatment.  Here are four ways that Monsenso’s mHealth solution helps connect patients and clinicians outside of therapy sessions:


  1. Patient Empowerment:  The solution consists of a smartphone app that operates as a multi-faceted self-management tool that is available at the touch of a button. Individuals can use the app to complete self-monitoring through daily self-assessments. Clinicians are able to edit psychoeducation modules so that patients can access these important guided concepts at their own convenience.
  2. Remote Care:  The smartphone app collects a wide and detailed variety of data regarding the patient’s behavior, such as automatic sensor data and self-reported data. This sensor data allows patients and clinicians to explore a larger variety of cognitive and behavioral aspects that may relate to the progression in their disorder. This data is available remotely and promptly, as clinicians can access a web portal that is synchronized to the patient’s smartphone app. This high-quality remote care enables clinicians to access the collected patient data anytime and anywhere.
  3. Early Intervention:  Based on the amount of patient data that is retrieved and communicated from the solution, clinicians are able to stay more informed and are therefore better primed for early intervention.
  4. Medication Adherence: The mHealth solution features medication reminders and notifications for patients which can improve adherence to medication. Additionally, having electronic monitoring and logging of daily medicinal intake can be particularly crucial during sensitive times, such as when switching between  psychiatric medication.


Our mHealth solution encourages connected health between patients and clinicians by using technology to expand the limits of the traditional pen and paper, once-a-week-hourly session psychotherapeutic model. mHealth facilitates connected health by collecting a large range of automatically generated and self-reported details about the patient’s behavior and rapidly transmitting this information to the clinician at any time and place.

The solution is presently used in various settings to support the treatment of individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder; as seen in the implementation of the solution in the Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark, and the integration of the solution in a private Danish clinic that offers Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Additionally, these benefits of mHealth in strengthening communication and connection can also be advantageously utilized beyond clinical practice, such as in research studies.

            Our CPO and Co-Founder Mads Frost will be speaking about how telehealth and mHealth can facilitate communication between patients and clinicians on Wednesday, 10/25/2017 at the Digital Health Society: Europe Meets North America event. If you would like to hear more about Monsenso, come and speak with us at our booth  in the Startup Pavilion.



About the author:

Helen Chen does content marketing for Monsenso. She is a Boston University graduate with a B.A. in Psychology and is presently enrolled in a Masters in Cognition & Communication at the University of Copenhagen. She is currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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