Boston, MA October 25-27, 2017

Boston, MA
Oct. 25-27, 2017


Personal Connected Health for All: Expanding Reach, Accelerating Impact

Engaging individuals in their personal health journey is central to improving health and wellness. But how does engagement begin—and how do we keep individuals, communities and clinical populations engaged? What are the challenges for businesses and technology developers and, importantly, where are the opportunities? How are healthcare providers implementing connected health solutions in the real world? How are individuals actually using their health data to support positive behavior change? How do user-friendly connectivity, design and coaching impact engagement and outcomes? What can we learn about engagement from retail marketers and behavior scientists? And where is the Internet of Things leading us?

The Connected Health Conference is the largest and most diverse gathering of public sector and health and technology industry leaders working at the intersection of innovative product and service development, research, business and policy throughout the world. Building thought leadership across the ecosystem, this year's Conference focuses on an increasingly consumer-centered, technology-enabled and collaborative approach to improving health. Each component—from keynotes, panel discussions, interactive sessions, roundtables and the dynamic exhibit floor—focuses on new research and actionable knowledge such as best practices, lessons learned and conclusive case studies.

  • Pre-conference providing a deep dive into key topics
  • Four content tracks bringing diverse perspectives, sparking meaningful discussion and advancing new solutions around key issues such as behavior change, real time intervention, design, collaboration, data science, disparities, policy, interoperability, ethics, privacy and security, and more
  • Numerous opportunities for networking

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn and develop skills that can be immediately applied to the adoption and implementation of personal connected health in community and public health, as well as healthcare settings. 

In addition, this year's immersive, experiential expo is designed for maximum interaction, showcasing settings where connected health can be delivered—beyond a clinic’s four walls—to create a renewed emphasis on consumers as the drivers of their health outcomes.  The exhibit floor will feature vibrant, thematic pavilions to facilitate unique, hands-on demonstrations, stimulate engagement with attendees, build relationships and generate new business and partnership opportunities.

The 2017 Connected Health Conference provides the platform for the exchange of research, evidence, ideas, innovations and opportunities in connected health.

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