CONNECTED HEALTH CONFERENCE • Boston, MA • October 25-27, 2017

The Connected Life Journey
Shaping health and wellness for every generation

Boston, MA
Oct. 25-27, 2017

Organizing Partners

In 2016, the Personal Connected Health Alliance and Partners Connected Health established a new partnership, focused on improving health outcomes by accelerating the adoption of personal connected health.  As part of this collaboration, the Partners Connected Health Symposium and the PCHAlliance Connected Health Conference (formerly the mHealth Summit) have merged, to establish the singular leadership event focused on the future of technology-enabled health and wellness – the 2017 Connected Health Conference.


Both events have a solid history and together will best represent how the connected health field is evolving, with increasing interest from major companies, investors, government agencies and consumers, and growing acceptance from healthcare providers. 


The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance), a non-profit organization formed by HIMSS, aims to make health and wellness an effortless part of daily life. The Alliance believes that health is personal and extends beyond healthcare. PCHAlliance members are a vibrant ecosystem of technology and life sciences industry icons and innovative, early stage companies along with governments, academic institutions, and associations from around the world. PCHAlliance convenes the global personal connected health community at the annual Connected Health Conference, the premier international event for the exchange of research, evidence, ideas, innovations and opportunities in personal connected health. The Alliance publishes and promotes adoption of the Continua Design Guidelines, which are recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the international standard for safe, secure, and reliable exchange of data to and from personal health devices. The PCHAlliance accelerates technical, business, policy and social strategies necessary to advance personal connected health through its flagship Academy for Healthy Longevity to promote lifelong health and wellness.

PCHAlliance is driving advancements in mobile and communications technologies, and the growing use of new devices, health trackers and apps by consumers and healthcare providers. No longer is a doctor's visit the only way to check up on your health. In PCHAlliance’s vision for healthcare, consumers can use readily available technologies to access their personal health data, receive targeted health and wellness education, consult with healthcare providers and gain support from friends and family to improve their health.

Organizing Partner
Partners Connected Health creates and validates technology-enabled solutions that empower patients and providers to transform health care.  From ideation to research to program design and implementation, this multi-disciplinary team develops innovations that facilitate collaborative care, self-management, and improved quality.  
Drawing on over 20 years of experience, the Partners Connected Health team of clinicians, researchers, technologists, consultants and business professionals collaborate with providers, patients, policy makers and industry to demonstrate the power of technology-enabled interventions in research studies and in “real-world” clinical and remote patient settings.  The interventions designed and developed by Partners Connected Health focus on creating behavior change, generating efficiencies and improving the quality of care.  Partners Connected Health is moving health care forward to be more proactive, population-based and patient-centered, and engages across the global health care community to accelerate the adoption and impact of connected health. 
Partners Connected Health is part of Partners HealthCare, an integrated health system founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, and a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.  
is a global voice, advisor, convener, and thought leader of health transformation through the best use of IT with a unique breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of health and healthcare. Through its network of over 1 million professionals, including 64,000-plus members, HIMSS advises leaders, stakeholders and influencers globally on IT best practices to ensure decision-makers have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. HIMSS North America, HIMSS Analytics, Personal Connected Health Alliance, HIMSS Media and HIMSS International (HIMSS Europe, HIMSS Asia and HIMSS Middle East) are the five business units of HIMSS. A not-for-profit headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, HIMSS has additional offices in North America, Europe, United Kingdom, and Asia.
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